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[ONE-SHOT] Don't Stop Loving
Title: Don't Stop Loving
Characters: Hyujae, Jonghyun, Sekyung.
Summary: Hyujae was in love with Jonghyun, however he did all he could to help Jonghyun and Sekyung to be together.
Author's Note: I put all my emotions towards the Jonghyun's dating news into this one-shot. I'm honestly... really upset about it. This time, I'm writing from a guy's point of view. This one-shot is meant for Hugo. It's also my first time writing this type of genre, so... please like it, LOL. Please prepare a tissue box, it might get teary!

He only saw him despite the packed hallway. He, Kim Jonghyun was the only one that Lee Hyujae saw.  Everyone surrounded Kim Jonghyun while Lee Hyujae just stood there and watched him, silently and secretly.

“Kim Jonghyun, it’s so good to see you again,” Hyujae thought to himself, smiling.

Kim Jonghyun, the most popular guy in the campus. He was the ladies’ man, the guy every other guys hate and love, he was everyone’s role model. Not only that, he was definitely good-looking, smart, eloquent, possessed good sportsmanship, owned a sweet tongue, do I need to continue? He was the guy everyone wanted to be. Not forgetting, he fucking sings and composes his own songs. Don’t you just hate him for everything he could do and love him for the same reason?

“He’ll never notice me,” Hyujae glanced at the crowd around him then opened his locker door with a huge might.

“So, how’s your summer?” A voice asked.

Hyujae didn’t respond to it because he though the question wasn’t for him.

“Hyujae?” The voice called.

Hyujae looked up and saw him. He gasped. It was… Kim fucking Jonghyun, talking to him.

Hyujae thought he was hallucinating. Well, you know, he was the total opposite of Jonghyun. He was the outcast, he was a nerd; a nerd from the Math club to be exact, he was… yeah you could say he was invisible in the campus.

Wait, did Jonghyun say his name? Jonghyun knew his fucking name? Whoa.

That was the exact same thoughts in Hyujae’s mind. He couldn’t speak, too inspired with awe. Who wouldn’t be in the state of delusion when the most popular and perfect guy aka Kim Jonghyun started talking to them? Plus he fucking knew their names.

Hyujae inspired deeply. He tried to find the right words.

“Hyujae, are you there,” Jonghyun snapped his fingers, interrupting Hyujae’s thoughts.

“Oh hi, Jonghyun…” Hyujae blushed.

Did he really blushed in front of Jonghyun? Even guys got excited and nervous talking to Jonghyun.

“So how’s your summer,” Jonghyun smiled.

That smile, Jonghyun just flashed a smile at him. Hyujae felt like he could faint any minute then.

“Um, it’s fine. You know, more books, more reading, um I mean, more um,” Hyujae stuttered.

“Reading, eh? I wish I was as studious as you were, my summer was filled with parties and more parties, damn,” Jonghyun chuckled.

“Well, I see you around,” Jonghyun waved at him.

“Oh. My. Fucking. God,” Hyujae breathed as hard as he could. Yes, according to Hyujae’s current situation, he could faint any second then.

“Hyujae!” A familiar sweet voice called, it was Sekyung.

“Hi Sekyung,” Hyujae greeted her. He was feeling extremely flustered.

“Whoa, you looked so excited. Are you this excited for school, like seriously,” Sekyung teased.

“You can’t believe what just happened! I mean, I wish you were there to see it!” He exclaimed.

“What? Tell me! You’re making me excited for no reason now,” Sekyung jumped up and down. She was an easily excited person.

“You know Kim Jonghyun? He just like, fucking spoke to me. He asked me about my summer. Wait, he even knew my name,” Hyujae spoke so fast.

Can you believe even boys have an obsession with Kim Jonghyun?

“SHUT UP, NO WAY!” Sekyung was equally excited and jealous about it.

“Yes way, he even fucking flashed his million dollar signature smile at me, I feel like I’m going to die. Hold me, Sekyung, please,” the spastic Hyujae continued to blabber on.

“You’re making me jealous, Hyujae,” Sekyung sighed.

“I’m sorry, Sekyung. I can’t help it, it’s like the first time that someone popular ever noticed me, let alone talking to me,” Hyujae apologized. He felt bad then because he shouldn’t have rubbed it in his friend’s face about it as she had this major crush on him.

“Ah, don’t bother, I’m glad that you got your wish,” Sekyung pretended to laugh it off.

It was lunch time at a typical high school. That meant that every clique had a table on its own. The footballers, the cheerleading quad, the club nerds, the band geeks, etc, all had a table with the people of their kind. Of course, Hyujae and Sekyung belonged to the ‘club nerds’ table.

“Hey Hyujae and friend, over here!” That voice, it was that voice.

 They both looked around, they couldn’t believe their luck. It was none other than Jonghyun. They both looked at each other, shocked and amazed. Their eyes were huge, as if to scream, “Are you kidding me?”

“Sit here, you both,” They did what they were told.

“So, Hyujae’s friend, I’m Jonghyun, what about you?” Jonghyun shot her a flirty look.

Sekyung blushed and whispered, “Sekyung, Shin Sekyung,”

“Ah, hey  Sekyung,” They shook hands.

Everyone at the table was busy chatting away, including Sekyung and Jonghyun, everyone except Hyujae. He tried to join in with Sekyung and Jonghyun, however to no avail. He hung his head down and continued to eat. He lost his appetite, he couldn’t stand them both flirting in front of him. He decided to get up and left the table. He threw the tray of food which was barely touched into the bin. He walked out of the cafeteria like a boss, holding his emotions back.

“The fuck,” He cursed.

“Wait up, Hyujae!” Sekyung called out.

“What’s wrong,” She caught up with her upset friend.

“Nothing, I didn’t have the appetite anymore. Why did you come out? Go back,” Hyujae pretended to sound alright but who could he kid? His eyes filled with jealousy had sold him away.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have got so engrossed with the conversation and left you out,” She answered.

“Whatever, I’m always an outcast. Go back, Sekyung, haven’t you waited for this chance for ages,” Hyujae replied, trying to stay calm.

“I’m serious, go back, I’ll be okay. I’ll be at the library if you need me,” Hyujae walked off, leaving his friend behind. He heard footsteps scurrying. He thought Sekyung was about to come up to him again but no, Sekyung went back into the cafeteria.

“Since when she took my words seriously, there’s a first to everything huh,” Hyujae scoffed. His blood boiled in him, he breathed.

“Hey Hyujae, are you okay? The other day in the cafeteria, I’m sorry if you felt left out,” Jonghyun apologized.

“Ah, don’t worry about it, I’m perfectly fine,” Hyujae lied.

‘Great, so uh, can we talk while we walk? I’ve so many questions to ask you,” Jonghyun smiled.

“Questions? I’ll try my best to help you out, I’m pretty good in Math and Science,” Hyujae smiled.

“Oh, definitely easier than Math and Science questions, man, they give me headache. So any idea what’s Sekyung’s favourites?” He asked.

“…Right, Sekyung again, I should’ve known,” Hyujae thought to himself.

“What do you need to know, I’ll tell you,” Hyujae answered, unwillingly. He could almost feel his stomach churn.

“Like her favourite colour, food, drink, you know,” Jonghyun beamed.

Hyujae told Jonghyun whatever he needed to know, without missing out any details.

“Wow, thanks dude, I owe you!” Jonghyun hurried off.

“Why am I even doing this,” Hyujae sighed heavily. As much as he was unwilling, he helped out anyway. He cringed.

Days passed, he hadn’t seen Sekyung around. Until... he overheard a conversation by a group of jocks in the gents.

“Dude, have you like, heard? Jonghyun had got himself a chick,” One of the jocks said.

“Yeah, I’m not surprised. He’s like, the ladies’ man. He can easily pick girls with a snap,” The other jock replied.

“I heard she’s from the Math club,” The first jock said.

“Whoa, are you sure? A Math geek? That’s new,” The other jock laughed.

“A Math geek… Could it be…” Hyujae thought.

“That fucking explains everything,” Hyujae slapped his forehead.

His phone beeped. The text read, “Guess what? You couldn’t believe this! I can’t wait to tell you the good news!” It was from Sekyung.

“Just in time,” Hyujae breathed in deep.

“Whatever happens, Lee Hyujae, just breathe and keep calm,” He reminded himself.

“HYUJAE!” An excited scream snapped him out of his thoughts.

“Hey, what’s the good news,” He pretended to look happy.

“You wouldn’t believe!”

“I wouldn’t believe because I’ve no idea what’s going on,” He clenched his fists.

“Here it goes, you know that day in the cafeteria, Jonghyun and I were like, talking right? After that whole talking, we were hitting off really well! Then… I’ll fast forward a bit. He asked me out one night then he prepared a lot of activities, they were so romantic,” She breathed, she was blabbering so fast.

“And oh, how did he know I love blue roses and I love the food and ambience at the restaurant down the beach? He’s so smart, I mean, I didn’t even utter a word about what I liked. After dinner, he suddenly got down on his knees and asked me to be his…” She breathed once more.

“His girlfriend! He even had a bracelet for me!” She exclaimed.

Hyujae tried to fake a smile and hid all his sadness behind.

“Really, I’m so happy for you,” He answered sarcastically, he felt his world crumbled in front of his eyes.

“Thanks, I mean, that day at the cafeteria, if he didn’t know or talk to you, we wouldn’t have met and none of this would have happened! Thank you so much, Hyujae, you’re our cupid,” Sekyung was grinning from ear to ear.

“No problem, I’m so glad that you guys are together now. I mean, you’ve liked him since forever, your wish finally came true,” Hyujae couldn’t take it anymore, he didn’t even get why he was lying to himself.

“I know right, everything seems like a dream,” Sekyung smiled.

“Hi sweetie,” Jonghyun crept behind her and kissed her.

“Hey Hyujae,” Jonghyun said.

“Babe, can you go wait for me in the car? I’ve something to say to Hyujae,”

“I guess Sekyung had told you everything, thanks a lot. It wouldn’t have happened without you, thanks cupid! See you around,” Hyujae watched the one he loved, walking away with his best friend, hand in hand. He had never felt so much pain in 16 years of his life.

Hyujae could almost feel his heart sank. It hurt so much to see the one he loved, love someone else, someone else like his best friend. Although there was nothing he could do but to give them his blessings, them, being together, was the despair to him. All he did, even though he knew he was much reluctant, he did it because… he loved them both. Plus he knew he couldn’t tell anyone about his feelings towards Jonghyun, people would probably laugh it off or even, discriminate him further. He felt so helpless. He wished he could find someone to share with, but he knew he was stronger than this. Everything would be fine, he would get over this whole incident, he could still love Jonghyun like he used to, secretly.

“Everything would be fine, nothing would change,” He said to himself, with tears flowing out of his eyes.

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Spot! Gonna go read it!

Pretty much what Hugo just said :D

Everything would be fine, he would get over this whole incident, he could still love Jonghyun like he used to, secretly.
TT.TT /takes tissue

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