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[ONE-SHOT] My Everything
Title: My Everything – Part 2: See you again
Characters: Jongin, Kyungsoo
Summary: Jongin finally found the courage to visit his best friend, even though he broke the promise they both made a year ago.
Author's Note: Prompt inspiration was also from the recycled draft of 3 years and yeah.. I was listening to See You Again so bye, I'm going to bury my heart as well.

“I said I’ll never leave you, but why did you leave me instead,” Jongin cringed and broke down the moment he found the gravestone.

His heart clenched so tight when he knew this was it; he was standing in front of the right grave. Everything could be a coincidence – the name, the birthdate and even, the cause of death; but the photograph on the gravestone could not lie. Yes, there was a possibility that it could just be a resemblance but Jongin knew. He knew how his best friend looked like, even if his eyes closed or even if he turned into ashes. He knew this was it. He could no longer live in self-denial, even if he wanted to; he knew this was it, this was real.

His Kyungsoo was gone. Forever.

It took Jongin a year to finally collect himself and find the courage to visit the graveyard where Kyungsoo was buried. He regretted for taking this long to visit him, but he could not find the sanity in himself to accept that his best friend was gone; not the never coming back again gone but at least he is still alive and kicking out there somewhere; but the never coming back again gone – the gone that he no longer has the ability to breathe, to move and to feel. Kyungsoo was gone. Forever.

“We had a fucking promise,” More tears fell, as he kneeled in front of the gravestone and releasing the crushing grip he had on the flowers which he had bought for his dear friend. What Jongin felt and looked, was far worse than the ugly flowers he bought and then crushed.

He thought he was in control of his emotions. He swore that he would not break down anymore, at least not in front of Kyungsoo's tombstone. He had done enough crying, yelling and self-loathing in the past year, ever since the day that he received the dreaded news. The least he thought he could do now was to not show Kyungsoo the pathetic sight of him, being so lost and broken; looking as though he had lost everything that he ever owned in this universe.

The truth is, Jongin did lose everything that he ever owned in this universe. He lost Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo was his everything; everything that he ever owned. Kyungsoo was his universe; his fucking universe.

“Kyungsoo… Why,” Jongin was someone who was known to be guy with a heart of steel and would never shed a tear, despite how painful and heartbreaking the truth could be; but this time, his tears flowed uncontrollably. He could not identify if they were tears out of sadness or anger, he just wanted to cry. He did not bother wiping those tiny beads off his cheeks, because all he wanted and cared about was to have Kyungsoo back; back with him; back in his now broken life. He would do anything to see Kyungsoo again. Kyungsoo was the only thing that made sense in his messed up life. Kyungsoo was the only one who understood him inside out; who saw him through all the walls he built up and the stinky attitude he gave everyone around him. Kyungsoo was his life.

Jongin’s heart was never made of stone; it was just anticipating the wait of someone to break the solid ice surrounding his delicate heart. He did anticipate – the someone did come along; it was none other than Do Kyungsoo.

“I miss you, Kyung. I miss you so terribly much,”

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