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[ONE-SHOT] My Everything
Title: My Everything – Part 1: Stay with me
Characters: Jongin, Jongin’s best friend (who will be named later)
Summary: Jongin made a promise with his best friend.
Author's Note: I got this prompt while I was showering earlier and I don’t know why I’m writing all over again because I literally stopped writing 3 years ago. But then I wrote something for a dear friend last night which made me miss writing in general so here it is… This prompt was a recycled draft from something I’ve scribbled 3 years ago. I was listening to Stay With Me as I wrote this part of the story, I can't feel anything anymore. ha. ha. ha. *faint laughing fading in the background*

“Hey Jongin?” He called.

Jongin turned and caught his best friend staring at him, with those huge pair of eyes. He looked into those serious eyes and replied, “Yeah?”

“It’s going to sound rather cliché, but can you promise me something?” He said, hoping for reassurance in return.

The pair of eyes looked as though they might pop out any moment and Jongin knew that the only time that his best friend would have that expression was when he needed to make a point. However, the look felt vacant and troubled. Nevertheless, he nodded, “Anything, that’s within my means.”

“Promise that you’ll never leave me, no matter what?” The pair of huge, however barely intimidating and only filled with sadness, went to the ground. He was afraid to see his best friend’s reaction; afraid that he might not mean it. He closed his eyes and waited for a response.

Um,” Jongin hesitated. He was not sure why his best friend was acting so solemn and preoccupied. He was in fact concerned with the strange behaviour of his best friend.

His best friend still hung his head down, eyes closed, waiting patiently for a reponse.

“Of course, I’ll never leave you. Why would I?” Jongin smiled weakly, gaze transfixed on his best friend who still refused to look at him. He then draped an arm over his best friend, leaning the side of his head gently on his best friend’s head.

Without having to steal a glance at his best friend, he could feel the frailness from Jongin’s eyes, watching him; he could feel the worriedness and sincerity in Jongin’s voice; he could feel them all.

Jongin could not understand why his best friend refused to look at him, because he always thought actions, especially the look from people’s eyes speaks louder than words. Regardless, he was aware that his best friend would only ask for such promises was when he truly needed to know. If necessary, he would tell his best friend a million times, or maybe even a gazillion times if he could, that he would do anything for him. Absolutely anything.

The silence was so deafening that it engulfed both Jongin and his best friend, they could only hear nothing but the breathing sounds of each other. No more words were exchanged after the heartfelt promise was made. They were unsure of how long they had been sitting in silence, watching the waves crash; with their legs dangling off the cold concrete pavement. If they could, they would sit there like this forever.

"I'll stay with you till the end of time," With that said, Jongin grabbed the hand of his best friend and tightened his grip. His best friend did not flinch at the awfully tight grip; instead he held Jongin's hand as tightly as he could; as if he was holding onto his dear life. He felt it. They both felt it. They were going to keep their promises. Because truthfully, there was no place that felt more like home than right then.

Part 2: See You Again can be found here.

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Can I just say how beautifully written this one-shot is? It felt so realistic ; I could've sworn Kaisoo has done this before. My heart feels so warm right now, and I just love this feeling. I can't wait to read part two! FIGHTING!

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