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[ONE-SHOT] Destiny
Title: Destiny. Part I: One fine winter day.
Characters: Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kyungsoo
Summary: Baekhyun meets the happy-go-lucky cashier for the first time, or he thinks it is.
Author's Note: In Part 1, Chanyeol hasn't formally introduced himself yet. I haven't written in a long time and this is my first time writing a guy/guy pairing in terms of fluff, so I hope you'll like it!

Byun Baekhyun wasn’t exactly sure why his best friend, Do Kyungsoo brought him here again. What he was more confused with is probably, how did his best friend manage to persuade him again?

14th December - It was a Saturday night. It was the coldest night so far in the month of December, it was probably the lowest temperature Seoul has experienced in the entire winter month. It was freaking -10 degrees Celsius, so then again, why were the best friends standing in front of this coffee shop? Furthermore, it was almost 2AM then. All Byun Baekhyun wanted to do was to get back into his dorm room; have the heater in the room switched on and that was when, the exhausted Baekhyun would collapse onto his cosy bed and have himself hid under the warm blanket. Wait a second, he wasn’t anywhere near his dorm. He was in fact, 2 hours away from his comfort zone. He sighed deeply. He could almost feel his eye bags sinking and touching the tips of his toes. He was indeed this worn out. The dance practices and vocal lessons had sucked almost all of his available energy and he honestly felt as though he had aged 5 years. Being in the cold, with his hands tucked into the pockets of his jacket, he then glanced at his best friend, who had his eyes transfixed at the wooden signboard which had large words, written in white. His best friend then turned and looked at him. That pair of huge; but never intimidating eyes was only filled with nothing but sincerity, excitement and eagerness. Now we understood why Baekhyun couldn’t bear to decline his best friend, not when he had to look into Kyungsoo’s eyes and search his conscience and decline him. No. Plus, Baekhyun couldn’t turn down a treat. But, a coffee’s treat in the middle of the night when he was tired as heck?

Filled with eagerness, Do Kyungsoo locked arms with his best friend. Baekhyun knew it was best for him to not struggle. Who would have guessed that for a petite person like Do Kyungsoo could possess such an immense amount of strength? Hence, he followed Kyungsoo’s lead and dragged his heavy feet into the coffee shop.

“Welcome!” A tall male staff, with brown curly hair greeted them as he mopped the floor. That was the brightest and the most heart-warming smile Baekhyun had ever seen in his entire life. Baekhyun felt reenergised, even without his caffeine intake. What did this young man eat to possess such a bright smile which can be this influential?

Baekhyun had only been to this humble place once and indeed, it was Kyungsoo’s idea. However, he could remember almost every single detail of this place. The first time he came, the shop was buzzling with people. This place seemed to have this ability to make one feel at home, despite being rather compact. He remembered briefly that there were only 6 wooden round tables and 12 wooden chairs in the shop; 2 chairs per table and that’s about it. One last thing Baekhyun was pretty certain, he didn’t recall seeing that man on his first visit. I mean, who could have forget such a bright smile and made Baekhyun’s heart felt so... warm?

There were a few things Baekhyun couldn’t comprehend despite this being his 2nd visit to this humble place. The first thing was what made this place so special that Kyungsoo was willing to dedicate his free time to visit here almost every other day? Could it be the aroma of the coffee? Could it be the wide variety of coffee choices available? Baekhyun was pretty certain that he could get better and much more unique coffee flavours somewhere else in the district. Then, what could it be?

The next thing would be, why was the 2nd table on the left always be left vacant? Why would Kyungsoo take this particular seat when there were plenty seats around? It was only his 2nd visit here and Baekhyun had so many lingering questions. Hmm, about Kyungsoo or that bubbly man who greeted him though?

“What would you like to have, Baek?” Kyungsoo asked.

Baekhyun’s eyes shifted a little and he noticed that the man was at the cashier. Some part of Baekhyun made him want to be near that man again.

“It’s alright, D. I’ll order it myself,” Baekhyun stood up. Kyungsoo stared at him, with his eyes widened.

“I thought you like having me to do these stuffs for you, which I gladly have no violent objection on,” Kyungsoo stated.

“Oh, don’t get me wrong, D. I just wanted to take a look at their menus,” Baekhyun made up an excuse. Baekhyun actually had his mind made up, but he just needed an excuse to be around that man again.

“Sure. Here,” Kyungsoo handed him a 10,000 won note. Baekhyun politely declined, he didn’t want that man to think that he was too poor to even buy a cup of coffee. Kyungsoo’s eyes widened again, but this time, he didn’t want to probe since he got to save 10,000 won.

As the best friends proceeded to the counter, Baekhyun wasn’t looking at the menus as he claimed. He found himself unable to take his eyes off at the cashier the moment he stepped into the shop. What was wrong with our dear Byun Baekhyun?

“Hi! What would you like to have,” The cashier greeted him with the same exact bright smile. Baekhyun jumped a little. How could he ever imagine that a cute face with a bright smile like that, has such a deep but also soothing to ears voice? He expected the voice to be mellifluous, but he could live with that.

 “Coffee or te-“

You,” Baekhyun blurted out and found his cheeks burned with embarrassment.

“Uh, I meant, it’s my first time here... So,” Baekhyun stuttered. What? Byun Baekhyun stutters? Our ever-confident Baekhyun stutters?

Baekhyun wondered if the cashier heard what he accidentally blurted out.

“First time, eh?” The cashier smiled. Baekhyun felt as though he could go blind if he continued to stare at the set of sparkly white teeth.

“Well, I’d recommend you to try our new flavour which came in this week! Ice-blended coffee, strawberry flavoured with lemon,” The cashier said, beaming. Baekhyun was surprised at his positivity. It wasn’t that kind of positivity you would expect from someone taking night shifts.

Will he ever get tired of smiling this wide, Baekhyun asked himself. Or rather, will Baekhyun ever get tired of this smile?

“Okay, hit me up then,” Baekhyun mentally punched himself. Hit me up?! Really? Was he even at a bar to begin with?

Baekhyun thought he heard the cashier chuckled as he prepared the drink. Baekhyun led out an embarrassed chuckle as well. He was taken aback by his unusual shyness which in turned made him look really embarrassed. He hardly ever lost coherency; so rare that it seemed like never. But look at him now… What had this man done to our poor Byun Baekhyun?

“Here you go! That’d be 10,000 won,”

As Baekhyun took out a green 10,000 won note and handed out to the cashier, their hands touched. Baekhyun shivered and felt a burning sensation on his cheeks. He turned and subconsciously led out a half-smile. As much as he wanted to keep up a conversation with the cashier, he knew it was impossible. That was basically it. He hated the fact that his brain would always fail on him at the most crucial times; he hated the fact that he was socially-awkward at the wrong times; he hated the fact that he got so flustered and was unable to grab the chance when the prize was just right in front of him. He allowed himself to walk away from something that he knew he would probably regret in times to come; he watched himself let go of this golden opportunity…

Well, Baekhyun could have asked for his name…

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give me part two okay omfg and Baek calling Kyungsoo D OKAY THAT IS JUST SO CUTE
JUST WRITE PART TWO OKAY sobs and when Baek said you :(( can I just punch him omg
And you write good ok, you have a wider vocab than me tbh

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