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I haven't write in months.. I stopped writing ever since school ended for me. So this is just a rough written work that is incomplete. I might finish this if I've any ideas on how to. Hehe.

Yup. There's no title; no characters; no summary for this because it's random!


"If only my phone would just shut up for one night. All I ask for is one night of silence," He gulped his glass of vodka. A loud thud could be heard despite the blasting music and annoying chatters in the pub.

"Why do I feel so lonely," He sighed silently.

The question is how could he feel so lonely when he's in this crowded pub filled with people who are free to mingle and also, having a phone that won't stop buzzing? He definitely doesn't feel alone, but he couldn't deny the emptiness inside him. The emptiness used to be filled with positivity; hope and love. Then those were all gone in a blink of an eye.

Before he knew it, he was already having his fifth glass of vodka. He usually would knock out with two glasses, but five? He was still sober like fuck.

"Hey you," A sweet but rather, flirty voice called out.

He turned to his left to find a lady dressed skimpily, with her long brown curly hair down, looking at him. The look in her eyes was unusually.. different.

"Hey," He answered. He tried to sound unenthusiastic, but honestly, who was he trying to kid? With a lady in this black revealing dress right next to him, he could see her thighs and her cleavage, how could he not show any slight interest? 

"I've been noticing you all night, so wanna share?" She asked casually.

He knew she wasn't even interested about him and his problems at all, she was here like everyone else. She was here to look for someone to have a fling and one night of satisfaction; one night to get away from her hectic life.

"Uh.. Share?" He was skeptical. Should he be honest, since this would probably be the first and the last time that he'd see her?

"I'm absolutely sure it's definitely not nothing. The number of glasses don't lie," She smiled. 

"Yeah, this is my problem," He replied as he clicked the "decline" button to the repeated calls.

"Ha, the phone?" 

"Technically yes, the phone, because it won't fucking shut up," 

"Another glass of vodk-"

"Don't drink too much," She stopped me.

"Come with me, let's go," She pulled out a fifty dollar bill and placed it on the table.

"Where to?" He asked.

"You'll see," She pulled his arm and they headed for the exit.

I assumed he forgot the consequences that come after if you leave with a stranger.

Maybe, this time might be different. Or not..

-- To be continued --


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