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[ONE-SHOT] 24 Hours
Title: 24 hours
Characters: Minho, Jung Ae
Type: One-shot
Summary: Have you ever been in love with someone whom you didn't know well and had a real bad meeting venue in less than 24 hours? Minho has.
Author's Note: It's the 1st one-shot I ever written so don't expect much...? I don't think it's good cos I kinda screwed it up LOL. But I hope you like it!

 I was running out of time, how I wished I could fly at the instant.

 I glanced at my watch and cursed, “Shit, I’m going to be late!”

Before I even realized, I was running. I pushed my way through the busy street, I could hear angry murmurs behind me. However I had no time to bother about angry people, I only cared about my interview. Just then, a petite girl in front of me was blocking my way.

“Excuse me please,” I said.

The girl pretended she hadn’t heard me, she continued to walk in front of me. I got pissed off, I pushed my way through like I did previously.

“Hey, you! The guy who’s in green polo tee and jeans!” She shouted.

I came to a halt and looked at my dressing. She was referring to me. I turned and looked at her, she was on the ground with her knee bleeding. I glanced at my watch once more. Should I ignore and go for my interview, I asked myself.

“Fuck,” I cursed.

I went up to the injured girl and gave her a hand, “Are you alright?”

She glared at me, I looked at her innocently.

“What do you think? Let go of my hand. Call yourself a man, huh?” She sneered.

I argued back, “If I’m not a man, I would have just walked away and let you die here.”

The girl shook my hand off vigorously and yelled, “Then fuck off, I don’t need your help,”

I stood in the middle and watched her limped her way to the traffic junction. Something inside me said, “Do what she says, she told you to leave. So leave and rush for your interview now, you idiot!”

“No, don’t listen to him! Be a man. You knocked her down first, interviews are not really that important. But injuring a girl is a sin, you’ll get karma,” another voice fought.

I was confused. I couldn’t afford to miss this interview, I needed the job so badly. But the girl… “Sigh, fuck,”

I ran towards her and held her arm and helped her walk to the junction. She jumped and stared at me real hard. I tried to ignore the look and continued looking in front.

“I told you to LET GO OF MY HAND,” She shouted.

“If I’m going to listen to what a girl, an injured girl tells me to do, I’m not a man,” I grinned.

I saw her smile but she immediately wiped it away. I laughed. She glanced at me and blushed.

After a minute of silence, I decided to break the ice. “Er… So where to now?”

“Nowhere, you can leave now,” She replied coldly.

I stared at her in disbelief, a moment ago she was all blushing and now, she’s back to normal?

Before we knew it, we were sitting down, looking at each other awkwardly. I thought of leaving but I figured my interview would be over by then, so I continued to sit next to her. The cool wind brushed through my face, her hair scent engulfed me. She smelled… nice. I smiled as the flowery scent sent from her hair reminded me of the meaning of love.

Just then, I felt someone staring at me. No wait, glaring. It woke up from my daydream, I saw her glaring at me. I blurted out, “What?”

She looked into my eyes, I looked into hers. I felt a familiar feeling inside of me. I couldn’t help but to smile again.

“Well, aren’t you gonna introduce yourself to me or we’re just gonna sit here all day?” She asked.

“You could have introduced yourself first, ya know,” I replied.

She looked away. I realized I said something wrong, I’m the dude, she’s not. I should’ve made the first move first.

“Dang,” I muttered.

“Um, my friends call me Minho,” I answered.

All I got was a cold “okay”. No girl ever treated me so coldly, she was the first. I hated it and liked it somehow.

“Your name is…?” I tried to ask.

“Jung Ae, Kim Jung Ae,” She smiled.

Somehow, I felt it was the warmest smile anyone ever gave me. I felt… blissful.

“So. You haven’t answer my question, where’re you heading to?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Apparently, I can’t walk now, all thanks to you,” She said it sarcastically and ended up laughing.

I laughed along because her laughter was so cute.

She got up from the seat, the warmth from her body slowly drifted. I got up and helped her. Her knee was still bleeding, I looked at the wound, I felt guilty. I wished I could make the wound disappear. I sighed.

“Why do you keep sighing?” She asked, annoyed.

“Today hasn’t been a lucky day for me,” I sighed again.

“Well, not for me either,”

“Why don’t you sit here and wait for me? I’ll be back in 5. Please?” I asked, I could feel myself pleading her to not leave.

She nodded slightly, I ran to the nearest pharmacy. I kept glancing at her direction, hoping she wouldn’t leave. But I laughed at my stupidity. She’s injured, how can she run away like that?

I ran back as fast as I could, I didn’t want to miss another moment spent with her. When I saw her, my heart pounded fast. It wasn’t because I ran, it pounded because I saw her face again.

“What’ve you got there?” She took the plastic bag in my hands.

She opened the bag and started to clean the wound with the materials I got. I stood there, staring at her. She was so beautiful.

“What are you waiting for? Help her clean it, idiot!” A voice yelled in my head.

“Jung Ae, let me help you,”

“It’s okay, I can handle this,”

“No, please, let me. At least let me to have a chance to apologise for this,”

I started cleaning her wound gently, hoping I wouldn’t hurt her. I looked up to her, I caught her smiling. Did she feel the same?

After cleansing, she said, “I need to go, thanks for this,”

“What? Where’re you going?” I asked eagerly. I didn’t want her to leave.

“Uh… Isn’t it obvious? It’s late, I need to get home,”

“Let me send you home! You’re not in a state to roam around alone,” I offered.

“No, it’s okay, I’m fine,” I took her arm and she didn’t fling it away this time.

“Thanks Minho, I think I’ll be fine. You can let go of my arm now,” She sat down at a bus stop.

I hesitated, I don’t know if I should really leave her like that. I felt so insecure when she told me to let go of her. I never want to let her go again…

“Minho? I said you can let go of my arm now,” I saw her looking at me. Her eyes twinkled under the night sky.

“Oh, sorry. Are you serious you’ll be okay? I think I should send you home, I won’t feel good unless I see you at your doorstep,” I could feel something stuck in my throat, I begged.

“Honestly, I’ll be fine. Don’t worry,” She reassured me.

I grabbed her hand, I knew I couldn’t let her go. Unknowingly, I fell for her, someone whom I met for less than 24 hours, however it felt as though I known her since forever. I knew she’s the one for me, even my sixth sense which I don’t think I’ve, told me.

“I… I…. I….” I stuttered.

“What’s wrong?” She asked worriedly.

I pulled her in and kissed her softly on the lips. Her soft lips pressed against mine, it felt so right. As I closed my eyes, I felt as if we were drifting away, to a world of our own. I could even feel my heart flutter. I could kiss her forever.

Just then, I felt a raindrop on my face. It started pouring, we paused.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what made me did that. I’m sorry, Jung Ae,” I apologized.

She shook her head, her cheeks turned red. I could feel mine burn too. We looked at each other, awkwardly. She then turned away and started running. I chased after her, calling her name. Each step I took, it felt heavier. I wondered if I did something wrong, I blamed myself for being so repulsive.

“Jung Ae, please stop running! It’s slippery. Please stop,” I shouted.

She continued running. I chased. Then, she slipped and fell.

“Let me take a look at it,” My voice shook. It hurts me to see her in pain.

“Go away,” She yelled.

“No, I won’t leave you. I’m sorry,” I didn’t know what to say.

She then started laughing, I was startled.

“Silly… I was kidding, I’m not angry,” She laughed.

“But this fucking stings still,” She joked.

“You scared me,” I grinned. “I like you,”

“No, I like you,” She fought.

“Ha, either is the same,” I laughed.

Yet again, we kissed.

“I’m never letting you run away like that, ever,” I ordered.

“That’s not for you to decide. Catch me if you can!” She got up and started running.

“Oh no, you’re mine!” I chased after her in the pouring rain.

I caught her and I spun her around. I felt like the luckiest boy on Earth.

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um um um can it be jonghyun or minho. cause like, the guy sounds hot and all and i can be the girl /shot loljk.



I love, love Minho in this (what shit is this cause I love Minho all the time) and why is this all so pure and innocent and makes me all fluffy on the inside :D:D:D


Tracy here btw~ hehehe

hor hor hor
homg this is cute
and fluffly, like you say (:
so cheesy minho lollol

write moree!
anticipating your huhyunnnnn <3

Lucky bii x33

write more kays :D <3

ps/Im no good with comments D: sry, but feel my love for this story kays :DD

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